Package Details

Package Details


Smart Wash

Deep Clean

Steam clean exterior

Clean door jambs

Clean glass

Degrease rims

Clean tires

Shine tires

Vacuum interior

Steam clean carpets

Steam clean seats

Steam clean dashboard

Sanitize console

Natural shine console

Natural shine dashboard

Leather conditioner

Treat light stains on seats

Dress up outside trim

Shine chrome accents

Vacuum trunk

Apply high gloss spray wax

Yankee Candle ® air freshener

Clean engine

Dress engine

Spot clean headliner

Shampoo carpets

Treat all stains on seats

Sanitize air vents

Apply Rain-X ® on windshield

Apply wax by hand

Add-On Services

Add-On Services

Cars SUVs/Trucks/Vans
Hand wax

Wax applied by hand

Pet hair removal

Have a special 4 legged friend? ​We can help.

Shampoo carpets & light stain removal on seats

Does your interior need a little extra love? No worries.

Leather cleaner & conditioner

Protect your leather and give it a longer life.

Machine wax

Make it shine! with 100% ​Brazilian carnauba-based machine applied wax.

  $65   $85
Apply sealant

Protect your vehicle's paintwork against fading and discoloration ​for up to 6 months.

  $65   $85
Clay treatment & wax

Get deep inside the pores of your vehicle's paint to safely remove contamination, overspray, and pollution.

$125 $165

Motorcyles Commercial Vehicles

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